Do You Want to Blaugust?

While I am not signed up for the 1-post-every-day-this-month blogging extravaganza that is Blaugust, I would encourage some of you who want a reason to blog more to check it out on Tales of the Aggronaut. As @Belghast says “This contest is all about longevity and frequency and not necessarily about what you are writing.  The idea is to get folks in the habit of regular posting, so that after a month of posting every single day… they can settle into a more reasonable schedule after August and do regular posts a few times a week.” There may be prizes, there may be rules, but there will certainly be fun and plenty of new and old bloggers to enjoy. It gets a little weird at times, but most people come up with some interesting things to say. And with more than 50 bloggers participating this month, you are sure to find some that are just your style.

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