Tatooine: The Gaudy Desert Stronghold

When I picture Tatooine, I picture a place that is austere, harsh, sandstone walls, Jawas. I don’t picture it like my current stronghold is now; papered in gaudy glowing trophies and surrounded by slot machines. Apparently, enough people complained about not having a large enough maximum hook allocation for this austere place, and BioWare went way overboard in placating them. I for one am not pleased by this, but I wanted the benefit of maximum points toward conquest to get the biggest bang for my buck there. So, 900 hooks later, here you have my gaudy, crowded, sandy refuge. There is only one place in the stronghold that I actually like now, the hallway of moss and trophies.


I almost wish I’d done what others have suggested and converted my indoor ship pad into large cubes to cram as full of crap as I can. I like having my freighter in there. Sadly, you can’t convert the outside starship pad’s layout. The indoor pad does convert to a centerpiece hook, surrounded by a ring of large hooks and a ring of medium hooks, for anyone who would like to hide more of their trash in the garage. Folks who advocated for a higher hook limit, please don’t do me any more “favors,” okay?



2 thoughts on “Tatooine: The Gaudy Desert Stronghold

  1. Haha, all those trophies! I don’t really go for conquest anymore (I don’t know why, I’ve just kinda lost interest), and more importantly, I’m such a fan of aesthetics that I’m not gonna give in to having 100% completion. The hangar is problematic, though. I have my ship in there as well (jedi one, not freighter), but I feel kinda bad for having just the ship in there and not anything else. There’s loads of hooks at the walls, but I just can’t think of anything that would make sense having there.

    • I only care because our guild is trying to get encryptions for our ship. If I’m going through the hassle of doing conquest, I darn well want the most bonuses toward it I can get! đŸ™‚ Otherwise I’d just be leisurely and minimalist.

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