Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit The Bonus Round – #NBI2015Safari

I know, I’ve already done 4 screen shots, but we have an extra Saturday this month, so I am going for the bonus round.

Today’s choice is Epic Achievements and mine is not exactly… traditional. However, I felt pretty epic at the end of this, like I’d fed the masses of Stormwind and decorated the city at the same time. So, without further ado, I present my masterpiece. I call it, Useless Feasts Feed the Masses:


Thanks for the great idea @ctmurphy, this has been fun and I’ve enjoyed seeing other people’s shots. Check out all the other posts and categories in this year’s grand safari at Murf Versus.

8 thoughts on “Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit The Bonus Round – #NBI2015Safari

  1. If the Horde staged a raid at that moment, you would have been Stormwind’s savior. The Orcs would have been too busy devouring along the way.

    Roast boar: better than landmines™.

    • Don’t invite them for Pete’s Sake! Although, this does make me wish I’d strung them outside the gates of Orgrimmar to lure them all out. 🙂

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