Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit Part 3 – #NBI2015Safari

It is week three of my NBI 2015 Screen Shot Safari. The safari themes I have left are: Landscape, Selfie, Epic Achievement, Heroes or Villains. You would think these are the easiest to do but they aren’t. With amazing game graphics these days, settling on a single landscape is proving too hard for me this morning, so I’m going with a selfie shot. Screen shots that look like selfies are surprisingly hard manage in MMO view, but I got one I really like.


Today’s selfie is from Star Wars: The Old Republic. I love the look of my trooper’s armor, but strap a jet pack on her and I love her look even more.

4 thoughts on “Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit Part 3 – #NBI2015Safari

    • I agree, Troopers really should be in full “uniform.” However, some of the helmets in the game are terrible! I really love the look of this one, it is one of the Scout helmets.

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