Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit Part Two – #NBI2015Safari

Week two of the NBI 2015 Safari, and I am reaching back to old memories and screen shots again. This one is of Rift, a game with many wide open vistas and beautiful places. I managed to catch five Earth Rifts active during an event. They almost look inviting from afar, but certainly deadly up close.
My remaining safari themes are: Landscape, Selfie, Epic Achievement, Heroes or Villains, The Scariest Place

While this could equally qualify for Landscape, I am choosing The Scariest Place for it, since there is a lot of danger and enemies packed into this one shot.

Rift valley full of earth rifts

4 thoughts on “Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit Part Two – #NBI2015Safari

  1. I like it. This is definitely one of the more challenging and open ended themes. I am glad to see your interpretation of it. I think it definitely fits!

  2. That’s a great screen shot. The rifts can make or break a pic, either getting in the way of the landscape or adding to it. In this case they are definitely integral and look great.

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