Join the Newbie Blogger Initiative revolution!

I couldn’t sum it up any better!

Bio Break

nbiI woke up groggy this morning, groaning to myself that I didn’t have a blog post idea kicking around in my head. What to do? And then I looked at my Twitter feed and realized — it’s May 1st! It’s Newbie Blogger Initiative time! Score!

So what’s the, er, Newbie Blogger Initiative?

The NBI was started several years ago as a way for the current gaming/MMO blogging community to encourage wayward bloggers, draw new writers into the fold, and provide a support system for each.

The thought is that getting started and into the regular habit of blogging can be tough, especially as you’re trying to learn the ropes and gain an audience. With a slew of articles and direct mentorship by veteran bloggers, and with tons of links going out to all of the NBI blogs by veterans, we are able to provide both.

So who is the NBI…

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