When Life Gives You Pink Purple Dye, Make the Most of It

We all have those SWTOR companions that just get on our nerves. The backstabbers, the whiners, the overly-emo drama queens. While I would never pay the crazy high credit price to buy pink/purple dye, when the Cantina Tour boxes granted some of my characters that dye, but it was bound, I just HAD to put it to good use. I am not fond of pink, but seeing some of my least favorite companions decked out in it is a joy to behold. And yes, I even bought Kaliyo some new robes just so I could maximize the pink factor. It is the little things in life…

Skadge in Pink Purple dyed pirate armor

Who is the runt now?!

Kaliyo in Pink Purple dye

Revenge, a dish best served pink.

Quinn in Pink

Isn’t he…pretty in pink… Dear Quinn, I said I forgave you, I lied.


5 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Pink Purple Dye, Make the Most of It

  1. AAwwww poor Caliyo…I sort of liked her on my Bounty Hunter…But seeing Skadge in pink is totally priceless…I wish I could airlock certain companions I don’t like, but since I can’t…making him prance around in pink might give me a laugh or three!!!!

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