Jetpack?! Yeah I Want a Jetpack!

For some people, it is about the wardrobe. (Okay, for me too up to a point). For others, it is about the pets. For me, it is about the sweet, sweet ride. I actually did the WoW “Long Strange Trip” achievement, despite the grind, so I could get the mount it rewarded.

I generally try out one of each type of cartel coin pack that SWTOR releases. It has usually not been a good use of my monthly grant of coins for subscribing, but finally it paid off. I got one of the vehicles I was drooling over as soon as I saw it on Dulfy. Sure, I could have put it in the GTN for 10 million credits, but some things are just worth keeping for yourself. This, for me, is one of them. Just had to show it off a bit… Behold, the MSM JT-2 Jetpack:

MSM JT-2 Jetpack back view






9 thoughts on “Jetpack?! Yeah I Want a Jetpack!

  1. Freaking sweet!! An in-game friend of mine just got me an armored Chemlizard (I think? Not a Sleen, the short-muzzled lizard) yesterday that I find to be pretty freakin’ badass, but that Jetpack is just down-right sexy.

  2. That jetpack is definitely one of the coolest “vehicles” they’ve released in a while. I actually did a double-take the first time I saw someone use it on the fleet!

    • Me too! I kept expecting the “boots” to shut down. The ability to hover in front of things and not block them makes me wish more people had one.

  3. So, not sure why it didn’t post before, but this jet pack is hands down the coolest thing I’ve seen yet. Total props for getting this sweet peice of machinery!

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