Leave the Hinterlands, Seriously!

DAI_rogueSo, as I suspected, Dragon Age: Inquisition has absorbed all of my free time. Sadly, there has been less of that free time than I’d have preferred, but I’ve had several projects hit me at the same time DAI did…

I spent a lot time gathering shards to open doors in an oasis. A lot of time gathering materials and trying out weapon and armor modifications. A lot of time killing nugs. I’ve learned a few things while building up 50+ hours and 65 power and not being very far along in the game. I’m a sucker for side quests.

Once I realized that the Hinterlands quests were consuming my life, I did the ones that were central to the story, Redcliff and the farm security quests to get a Horsemaster, and finally pulled myself away from the rest. I’m not going to bring back that guy’s red coated ram. Not. Doing. It.

Gathering agents has been very useful. You can talk to random people you run across and convince them to join the Inquisition. They will count toward unlocks for Inquisition perks, so the agents are well worth getting. I got two that counted toward the Secrets unlocks. I spent two perk points there and now I can open those locked doors that have eluded me. (I am a sucker for looting stuff and locked doors Must Be Opened!)

I’ve had way too much fun just wandering around listening to people talk about things. I’ve actually spent a lot less time on my mounts because then I can’t hear my companions snark at each other and make me laugh. The snark is strong in this game, just the way I like it.


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