I Got To Be The Cool Aunt

I love how games span generations. I had a fun day of sun and water yesterday and an evening of food and family, and I got to be the “cool” aunt. Yep, when I said my Nostromo keys were worn so much you can’t read them anymore and mentioned how excited I was at watching the combat videos for the upcoming Dragon Age game, my young nephews’ eyes lit up. They can now live their lives knowing that growing up doesn’t mean giving up games or becoming completely boring. Achievement Unlocked!

It was funny how we share the same lament. There aren’t any games out now that we really want to play. All of the games we are the most excited to play are still not released yet. It was kind of eye opening to realize that my malaise may not be as tied to my generation as I thought it was.

It is nice to know that things like media and games span the generation gap, giving us things in common with our family and friends regardless of age, or even location.


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