SWTOR Event Goodies

I hoLobelot petpe to update this over the next few days to share a few of the goodies from doing the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic’s live event. For now, I had to share a picture of my good fortune from yesterday’s kick off day. I’m not sure how often these little guys will drop from quest objects, but I got this one out of a smuggler’s crate while hunting for pieces of the Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus on Nar Shaddaa. They  normally cost 250 of the event tokens, so I’m really excited to get one as a random drop.

I’m not much of a social gear person, but I may link some of the sand people gear later. I didn’t get a full set for anyone, just bits and pieces that I’m waiting to equip once I mod them up. I’m not of a level to use the bowcaster yet, but I’m looking forward to using that on my Trooper later.

Chevin speeder

Think it might explode?

And then we come to the vehicle that you could buy for 120 tokens. I rushed to complete the quests on the last day with my Jedi Knight and since I had enough tokens to buy one, I got the speeder. I think I got a lemon. This bucket of bolts looks like they pulled it from the hidden transit system, and in fact they did. This is the speeder that you ride for one of the quests and take a leap of faith off a high platform while riding;  Smoke, sparks, bent stabilizers and all. This kind person tried to fix it up for me, but as you can see, there is no hope for this beat up fossil. I just hope its tougher than it looks.


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