Newbie Blogger Initiative Tips to Start

Newbie Blogger Initiative

This is gathered advice from various places that I’ll share as a few things for new bloggers to consider. There is a lot of great information out there and I’d recommend doing a bit of reading on your own. You can find a ton of great blogging advice from some of the more popular bloggers.

  • If possible, try to have a new post for the Blog at least weekly. Your audience will lose interest unless you post frequently. Even monthly works as long as it is regular and you promote your posts in various ways.
  • Think about trying to build a queue of blog ideas. If you need the extra help, think about using a calendar to set up a task reminder. This will help you get rolling until your blog builds momentum of its own.
  • Posts can be both professional and personal and it is important that they are both. Why professional? To improve your writing. Edit your posts, read through multiple times and fix spelling or grammar issues. Why personal? To preserve a conversational and approachable tone.
  • Posts should encourage comments. You can tell if a blog is a success if you see comments. Readers expect back and forth, so plan to reply back to their comments with more information, or even just to thank them for their interest.
  • Killer Rabbit poster

    How does this relate?

    Use images and plenty of white space, people avoid walls of text. Some bloggers include face shots to personalize their posts, do what you feel comfortable with. Do build up a nice media gallery of various images to make your posts more interesting. Include hyperlinks and other “more info” options in your posts. Try to stick with relevant images.

  • Consider having an email address set up specifically for the blog.  You can watch it for notifications and traffic.
  • Consider having a general policy of what you will tolerate as comments on your blog and stick with it. Just because this is a personal blog doesn’t meant you have to put up with people being rude or blog abuse. Just be sure if you moderate, that comments are not edited if they meet your policy. If they don’t, reject or delete them. Use the spam tools and other options available from your blog provider. You don’t want your readers being subjected to bots or baddies.
  • Some people will find the blog through searches. Most will visit it when they think about it and will come back to it often if they see it is kept current and meets their interests. Use networking and social media to generate interest (assuming you write to share), share links and topics, tweet about them, include the link to your blog in various places.
  • Interesting blogs get visited often. People will make a habit of going to the blog page if they can make a personal connection to the content there.
  • People pay attention to the Recent Posts section on the blog page. They see the title of blogs there, so make sure your titles are eye catching and descriptive.
  • If you are completely new to this whole Blog concept, take a look at Common Craft’s Blogs “In Plain English” :
  • Or the Wikipedia Blogs entry:

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