Newbie Blogger Initiative

Newbie Blogger Initiative

I know when I decided to start blogging, I felt just a wee bit apprehensive. Hopefully this initiative I read about, on one of the blogs that helped inspire me to start, is useful for anyone thinking about putting themselves out there. Head over to MMOGamerchick’s blog for more info.


I should expand this post a bit since I’ve decided to sign up on the sponsor list. As I said, a day late and a dollar short, but best intentions… yeah, you get the picture.

I started blogging nearly a year ago, mainly to familiarize myself with a software program that my work was about to launch for work-related blogs. I was reading quite a few gaming blogs already and decided that I spent enough time gaming to make blogging about it worthwhile.  I found that I enjoyed it, so I kept going. I can’t say I’m a prolific blogger, I know I should blog much more often than I do, but at least I’ve decided to keep trying. I think that is key, don’t set really high goals, just keep at it. Good luck to those of you who have been inspired by this initiative. I hope you have many happy hours of blogging! Visit the NBI Forums for more info. and the list of sponsors. There are quite a few good blogs out there for you to peruse for inspiration.

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