The Rakghoul Surprise

Plagued Bounty Hunter

What do you mean my eyes are glowing?!

Bioware launched a surprise dynamic event on us over the weekend. I haven’t seen any of the world bosses for it, probably won’t with our guild gone dark, but the content I’ve been able to do has been pretty fun.

I like the pets from questing or purchase with the event currency. I’m not a pet and mount fiend like I used to be, but these spikey little guys are pretty nifty.

Crimson Rakling

Pet reward for scanning debris across Tatooine

The Crimson Rakling requires a pretty long chain and epic exploration of Tatooine,  a bit of cliff jumping, some cross faction guards dodging…  Thank goodness for map coordinates and fan site guides. I used the one from Torwars and it saved me a lot of frustration. I’m amazed at how quickly people found and documented the pieces for this chain.

Pale Rakling

What, something's behind me?!

The other pet, can be purchased from a Jawa vendor north of the crash site which is ground zero for the event. For 60 DNA Samples, you can buy a Pale Rakling pet. Between my various alts getting infected, experiencing glowing eyes, green gas, and blowing up, I was able to gather that many pretty quickly for a pet on one of my characters.

Here are a couple of the companion customizations for the “rak” ish look. Quinn looks sexy even as a rakghoul.

Malavi Quinn rakghoul customization

Quinn even looks good sickly!

Corso Riggs the Rakghoul look

Hey Corso, you're not looking so great.

2 thoughts on “The Rakghoul Surprise

  1. There’s a third pet called a Midnight Rakling. I believe it’s a drop from somewhere. And the companion customizations you can buy from the vendor are hilarious. I had some left over dialogue to do with Dorne on my Trooper and I did them with her wearing the infected cust. So creepy, lol.

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