Romance As a Game Motivation

Today’s post is brought to you by the hopeless romantic in me, who will replay games if they do a great job of making me fall in love with the characters. Here are a few images that speak for themselves. Enjoy. đŸ™‚

Hello? Is this thing on?

Blogging When the Gaming is Meh

Hello there you few brave souls who have stuck with me through the *crickets* and sounds of silence my blog has become. I recently realized how much I’ve missed blogging, so I made a commitment to start writing again. I’m taking an hour a week to see how much I can get done, both here…

Do You Want to Blaugust?

While I am not signed up for the 1-post-every-day-this-month blogging extravaganza that is Blaugust, I would encourage some of you who want a reason to blog more to check it out on Tales of the Aggronaut. As @Belghast says “This contest is all about longevity and frequency and not necessarily about what you are writing. …