Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit Part 4 – #NBI2015Safari

This week I am picking the Hero/Villain option for my screen shot.

Yesterday, BioWare celebrated 20 years since they were established in 1995. There were many tweets reminiscing about their games, stories, and fun times. I had been toying with the idea of doing a hero rather than a villain for my next Safari screen shot, and I realized that both of my choices were from different BioWare games, but the one with the most impact was the villain. Sorry, Duncan from Dragon Age, your heroism will have to shine another day.

Reaper in London Mass Effect

Reapers, the ultimate, larger than life, evil, destructive bad guys. Perfecting and preserving life in the most ruthless manner possible. When I compared my satisfaction in taking one of those down versus someone puny by comparison like The Lich King, they won the category hands down.

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The NBI Talkback Challenge: What Made Me A Gamer?

I think I will bite for this week’s talkback challenge. I also think I’m going to limit this to talking about becoming an online/computer gamer, rather than a gamer in general. I’m pretty old school when it comes to gaming. I’ve been playing tabletop games for longer than some of my readers have been alive. That passage of time just makes me feel old, so I won’t go into my origins playing Dungeons  & Dragons.

MinscBooInstead, I will look back to the moment when I decided this whole computer gaming thing was pretty fun and addicting. It boils down to these 5 words: “Go for the eyes, Boo!”

Baldur’s Gate, with its familiar D&Desque feel, is the game that really made me willing to sit for hours and play a computer game. My husband had been trying to get me to play computer games for quite a while, but I’d never been able to get past my prejudice of seeing people who were so addicted to Everquest and the Evercrack jokes. I was a total skeptic when it came to spending so much time sitting at my computer.

But I finally decided to humor my hubby and at least try out an RPG. I fell in love with the humor, the storytelling and that silly hamster, and the rest is history.

We played Neverwinter Nights and endless hours of player created mods for the game. We hooked up primitive multiplayer connections to play through the game and player mods with our friends. Once I’d had a taste of adventuring in a group, MMOs were a natural progression. I got heavily into World of Warcraft raiding, theorycrafting, crafting, min/maxing, gear treadmilling my little heart out. But despite my time spent in MMOs, good storytelling in an RPG will always be my favorite place to escape.

(P.S. BioWare turned 20?! This makes me feel very old indeed.)

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Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit Part 3 – #NBI2015Safari

It is week three of my NBI 2015 Screen Shot Safari. The safari themes I have left are: Landscape, Selfie, Epic Achievement, Heroes or Villains. You would think these are the easiest to do but they aren’t. With amazing game graphics these days, settling on a single landscape is proving too hard for me this morning, so I’m going with a selfie shot. Screen shots that look like selfies are surprisingly hard manage in MMO view, but I got one I really like.


Today’s selfie is from Star Wars: The Old Republic. I love the look of my trooper’s armor, but strap a jet pack on her and I love her look even more.

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Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit Part Two – #NBI2015Safari

Week two of the NBI 2015 Safari, and I am reaching back to old memories and screen shots again. This one is of Rift, a game with many wide open vistas and beautiful places. I managed to catch five Earth Rifts active during an event. They almost look inviting from afar, but certainly deadly up close.
My remaining safari themes are: Landscape, Selfie, Epic Achievement, Heroes or Villains, The Scariest Place

While this could equally qualify for Landscape, I am choosing The Scariest Place for it, since there is a lot of danger and enemies packed into this one shot.

Rift valley full of earth rifts

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SWTOR Tip: How to Not Get 12 Times XP

Shaddoe at MassivelyOP shared a tip today in his Hyperspace Beacon post that I found extremely helpful, so I thought I’d pass it along.

I’ve seen a few people lamenting the rapid pace of the 12x XP boost that subscribers are receiving throughout the summer months. I play regularly in a group of 4 people, one of whom is only on a preferred account status and wouldn’t be getting the boost. We were concerned about over-leveling him by too much, but now we don’t have to.


Go to the Combat section of the fleet in the alcove where the skills mentor resides and you’ll find a new Gree vendor who sells one thing, a White Acute Module which is a reusable/bound item, which costs zero credits. Use it, and you’ll get an 8 hour buff that stops you from gaining 12 times XP for story quests, but doesn’t counter any other XP buffs. Pretty spiffy to have this option.

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Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit ( #NBI2015Safari )

Murf Versus () had a fun idea for the Newbie Blogger Initiative this year to help us generate some content. Check out his post for the #NBI2015Safari details. Frankly, limiting myself to 4 themes and 4 screenshots will be the biggest challenge.

Here are the themes he set for us to choose from:

  • Landscape
  • High Fantasy
  • Selfie
  • Epic Achievement
  • Heroes or Villains
  • The Scariest Place

For today’s shot, I am reaching back to 2011, when I was still playing World of Warcraft, for my High Fantasy shot.

Watching the Whale Shark go by

You know, that thing would EAT me and not notice…

I know many equate High Fantasy with Tolkien and elves, but I think of fantastical places outside the norm, places to which you would not normally venture, places to which you are transported. For me, riding a seahorse in an underwater realm absolutely fits into High Fantasy. I remember a lot of people complaining about WoW’s underwater realm of Vashj’ir (had to look it up, been a while), but I loved that place. Sure, it took a while to adjust, but the zone is a masterpiece of creativity and beauty.

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Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI) 2015 Is A Go

Newbie Blogger Initiative

If any of you who follow my blog have been considering starting your own, the time is now! Today is the day! Seize the… you get the drift. Throughout the month of May, the Newbie Blogger Initiative will be active to help new game bloggers get started, pair them with mentors, share advice, and get motivated. There will be FAQs, posts from some of the more active bloggers out there, and a few dust offs from folks like me who are sporadic (at best).

Syp from Bio Break has a great post that is all about what the NBI is, how to be involved, and where to sign up. Take a look and watch for other posts throughout the month. If I can help any of you, just post in the comments below.

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